5 Ways You Can Support Mental Health Awareness Month

It’s May, which means that exams are getting closer, school is ending, and spring is upon us. Not only that, but the month of May is also Mental health awareness month. Whether you have a mental illness yourself or know someone with a mental illness there are many ways in which you can support this month-long campaign right from home.

1. Talk about it

You can do this by simply asking people how they’re doing and by lending them an ear so they know that you’re actually there to listen and encourage them.

2. Share your own story

It’s always hard to talk about our struggles but once we do, it will automatically make us feel better. Talk to your friend, neighbor, family member or even your teacher. No one should have to suffer alone.

3. Know how to help someone in a crisis.

About ⅕ people experience a mental illness and being trained in either peer support or having the knowledge on how to respond to someone who’s suicidal is very beneficial. Also, there are many resources online that you can easily provide to friends and family members who may be suffering from a mental illness. Some resources which you can use yourself and share with others include:

4) Educate yourself

If you want to become more aware of mental health and the various mental illnesses that can affect people it’s always good to do some research and read about it. Educating yourself on mental health is also important as it will help you gain information on signs and symptoms and how to help those who need it,

5) Volunteer

Many cities have local mental health organizations that you can either volunteer at or donate to. Volunteering will not only make you feel like you’re making a difference but it will also increase your knowledge on mental health.

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