You walk into a sundry shop,
scouring for a bite of chocolate dips
or a can of coffee,to keep you energized
like a hungry lion until 2 in the morning.

As your hands reach the cheapest
bag of jelly beans,your eyes capture
a pair of fingers grabbing a pack of
chips-sour cream and onion.
You seem to know those tips,
but the nails are painted red.

A broad shoulder accidentally pushes
the timid other.
Your skin is familiar with the texture as
that hair dashes to your face,but it has
bright highlights that doesn’t fit in the

Your arms lift those hips to strengthen those
wobbling feet under.
The empty spaces in between reminds you
that the measurements shrunk.

Both of the eyes meet but one gets confused.
You recognize those gaze really well,
but why don’t you remember the tatooed back
that comes along with the other systems?
Your lips mutter sorry,
that mouth go mute.

All of them dissapear along the shelves,
pieces of past appear infront of you.
You heard screeches of pain as you
waste your handful efforts to see it
crystal clear.
but you know that,
you can’t.

Broken pieces can be patched,
not renew.

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