Metaphor – half empty, half full.

Let’s imagine a cup of glass.
A really strong cup of glass.
One that’s really strong, yet fragile.
It’s filled with water. The water is almost pouring out of the cup. The water cannot drip off. It simply cannot. Rather it’ll pour out fast, and the glass object will be empty. Left with nothing but air and maybe some remnants or droplets of the water that had been inside.
The glass is now nothing but that – a fragile cup of glass.
Is the fact that the glass is empty a good or a bad thing?
The glass is empty, no more water inside, no more trying to make the liquid contain itself and not drop out.
The glass is full, the water slowly starts pouring down and it takes a long time for the cup to be empty, if it ever gets to that part, really.
The glass is full, the water freezes – turns into ice. The cup breaks. It’s gone. No more cup, no more water. Nothing.
Do you know what I mean?
The glass must be half empty/half full. Water and ice. Close to the sun but never too exposed to it. You can keep it in the fridge, but not for too long.
Don’t let everything freeze,
it’ll break with more ease.

– ♡

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