The Manchester Tragedy.

Monday the 22nd of May, 2017.

Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman Tour comes to Manchester, UK – Manchester Arena.
Millions of girls and boys, all ages, had countdowns on their phones, so excitedly waiting for the day that they’d finally see their idol: someone who’s helped them with personal issues, someone whose songs make them feel overjoyed.

Someone who’s helped a lot without even understanding  it to the full extent.

The concert starts. Everyone is having the time of their lives! They’re seeing their role model, their idol, their happiness  sing their favorite songs. They cry out of happiness, they feel safe and, in a certain way,  at home.
The concert ends. And, as people start to leave the arena?
People hear a bomb go off.
People are trying to exit the arena, Joan Grande, Ariana’s mom, evacuates some fans that were in the front line backstage to keep them safe. Families run from the inside to the outside, only to find kids that got hurt due to the nail bomb that exploded. Kids and teenagers that had blood on the shirts they bought that day, the shirts where they had their favorite singer on.

22 deaths, 59 injured.

I can’t wrap my head around this. I just can’t believe something like this happened. Where’s humanity?

“I see humans but no humanity” – Jason Donohue.

Concerts are where most teenagers nowadays feel safe. It’s their escape from the real world and real problems. It’s where teenagers feel at their best, where everything feels right, where they have the time of their lives.

How can someone, I cannot even call that person a human or consider him one, kill himself and 22 other little/teenage girls?! It’s inhuman.
This is one of the most talked subjects of the week in social media and on the television. On social media people keep on retweeting and posting pictures of missing girls to try and get a hold of them. Everyone is showing support for the families, the injured and Ariana.

One thing I cannot agree on and that I’ve seen online, is how much pressure some were putting on the singer.

The poor girl wasn’t expecting something like this to happen, nor was anyone else.
People died at her concert. Of course she must feel guilty, even though it’s by far her fault. She’s probably just as traumatized as everyone who was at the Arena and all the family members that have lost someone that meant the world to them.
Ariana has spoken up about it, tweeting:


Some were mad and didn’t understand how this was all she could say.
Well, to those who think that, let me tell you that just like I’ve mentioned above: Ariana is just as traumatized as the injured and the families.

On Twitter, there’s this statement circulating:
“Ariana was brought to the hospital due to being traumatized. She’s safe right now but on the way to the hospital she told Alfredo that she wants to end her career because she believes it’s her entire fault.”
Now, no one knows if this is the truth. Even though unfortunately, it seems very credible and understandable.

Grande does not need to come and make a statement when she’s feeling the same way we all are or certainly worse – hurt and heartbroken.
One thing I hope she knows and comes to understand is that she made those who lost their lives tragically, happy. They probably had the best day of their lives and that’s all thanks to Ariana. She isn’t the one to blame. Not one bit.

Instead of spreading negativity, asking why Ariana only tweeted such thing, blaming this on her “inappropriate” stage outfits (which is absolutely ridiculous” or even spreading the pictures that surfaced of Ariana arriving to Boca Raton – please spread all the possible positivity there is to spread.

Let’s not be scared. We cannot let this scare us to live our lives. Don’t stop going to concerts because of this, don’t stop living your normal life, don’t stop going out. We cannot show fear.

I hope this was a lesson for all the security at the arenas where concerts take place. Because simply looking down at an open backpack and asking for us to show the ticket isn’t enough.

You know airport security? Do something like that at concerts. It isn’t ridiculous, it isn’t over the top. It has to be done.
It isn’t rational to prohibit us from entering the arena with a bottle lid, but letting someone blow off a bomb outside.
Security should be on the inside and on the outside. We need to keep on feeling safe, and for that to happen some changes need to occur.

My prayers go to all the families who’ve lost a member, to all the injured and to Ariana and all of her team.
“But how we gonna
Stop the violence, stop the hurting
Stop the hatred, stop the murders
We’re all human, that’s for certain
Come together, we deserve it
“Hoping for better days, better days
Days when things are better.”

– ♡


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