For The Second Year Running, Gay Pride Parade Banned In Istanbul

featured image via hurriyet daily news


Turkey one of the few parts of the Middle East decriminalizing homosexuality has hosted the largest gay pride march since 2003 in a predominantly Muslim world.

With crowds of over 10,000 individuals, the annual gay and transgender pride parade has caught the eyes of many nations around the world.   Thousands of individuals who had prepared for this march scheduled to take place during the last hours of Ramadan were met by Governor Vasip Şahin’s executive ban on the parade.

Concerns of security of the people of Istanbul and those attended were the main points made when defending the ban put forth for the second time in a row on this parade.   These concerns stemmed from the march coordinator’s apparent failure to submit proper paperwork to the cities government beforehand.


This being said, there were also many threats put forth attacking the march.  One of which coming from ultra-nationalist organization Alperen Ocakları in which they stated they would block the march themselves if no authorities would take action in banning it.

Over social media, thousands of individuals including German politician of Turkish origin Hakan Taş who is also gay mentioned, that this ban now in place for two years, ” [amounts] to a human rights violation”.

These bans have enraged many throughout the world, and have created a stronger sense of unification within the LGBTQ+ communities of not only Istanbul but many nations around the world.

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