The Importance of Relaxation During the Summer

featured image via tumblr


As teenagers, our lives are filled to the brim with friendships, parties, and events. All trying to make the most of our summer before school starts again in the fall. While all these activities are fun, they can cause a lot of stress and sometimes we need a break, however, because it is summer, people feel the need to constantly have a packed schedule and don’t create time to unwind which can lead to stress. Ultimately, summer provides endless opportunities to relax without compromising social time. Below are some examples:

  • Taking a yoga Class 
  • Having a picnic in a park
  • Going on a walk
  • Seeing a movie
  • Going to a museum 

The commonalities between these examples are that they are low stress, do not require intense planning, can be done alone, with a few friends, or even with families. The versatility in activies like these don’t force one to sacrifice fun over relaxation. All these examples have one thing in common, you can do them with or without other people. This proves that you can still have a good time with people while getting some relaxation in during the day. Activities like these also give the opportunity to get outside to enjoy the sun and be (at least, somewhat) active during the day.

Without taking time out of the day to be mindful and to unwind, the buildup of stress can lead to “anxiety, irritability, sadness, psychical pain or even change your behavior” and  decrease your overall wellbeing.

Due to these effects, no matter the season, it is imperative that we all take a step back and make sure that there is a way of coping with stress in our lives and an understanding that ones mental and physical state should be of higher priority than socialization.


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