The Few, The Proud and the Emotional – Passion for music.

There’s people that think music can’t save anyone. There’s people that think music can’t save anyone. Well, let me tell you that it can. Teenagers nowadays are very dedicated to music. We spend most of our days with our earphones plugged in, listening to our favorite songs, to those that make us feel happy and that can make an horrible day feel a bit better. Music truly does have that power over us humans.We constantly have our parents, other relatives or maybe even friends moaning at us for listening to so much music, for constantly wanting to go to concerts and for wanting to always get our hands on those physical copies of albums we love.

For those who don’t understand why we listen to so much music?

⦁ This generation suffers with a lot of anxiety, depression and various illnesses. We all need a get away, right? Some people watch movies and eat ice cream when they’re not feeling their best – some happen to listen to music; some people like the silence and prefer to go on a drive with the radio off – some happen to have the habit of always turning the radio on as soon as they step foot on the car and put the volume at its highest. Everyone has different always of dealing with moments of happiness, sadness and everything that’s in between… why should music be considered such a foolish way of coping? It isn’t any different from going to a therapist. There’s people that can recover from whatever dark place they find themselves in by listening to their favorite band and attending one of their concerts, just like there’s people that do need therapy and music isn’t even an option. That has to do with how dark the place is and with the personality of the person.

For those who roll their eyes at how we always want to go to concerts? We must be brats, right? Well, I actually roll my eyes at those who think like that.

⦁ Speaking in general, of course, us music lovers don’t just want to go to concerts to simply post an Instagram afterwards and show that we were actually there. The majority of us wants to go to a concert – needs to go to a concert – because that band or that artist really did change our lives and helped us in a way. Yeah, might sound crazy to some, but music can be a lifesaver. I’ll speak for myself. 2014 wasn’t a good year for me. I wasn’t in a good state mentally, with depression still crawling its way around my body and not wanting to let go and anxiety always holding my hand along the way. One thing that kept me going that year and that truly made me genuinely happy? The fact that I was seeing one of my favorite bands live in a stadium. When the day came, I was the happiest. I was at my best. Life simply could not get any better! That concert still holds a very special place in my heart because I feel like I left most of my sorrow and sad feelings there. I cried during the majority of the show, due to the high level of happiness I was in. You know when people say that sometimes all you need is a good cry? Well, I had my good cry in a stadium, listening to some of my favorite songs being played live, whilst screaming the lyrics and feeling like I was on cloud nine.

Why do we still get physical copies of albums? There’s iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify… right?

⦁ Let me just roll my eyes once again, ok? Thanks.

 Just like there’s people that like to go shopping and actually try clothes before buying them, there’s those who like to do their shopping while seating in the sofa. Applying it to this situation: just like there’s people who like to get the album via iTunes, there’s those who prefer to run to a CD store and get the physical copy. To touch the masterpiece they love or already know they’re going to love.

So, it’s a matter of taste, really.

Don’t be so quick to judge and don’t stay ridiculous stuff like “how can a band/artist, someone that you never even met (in some cases this can’t even be said) have saved you?” because music actually does save people and brings a crazy amount of happiness.

Music has helped me overcome some dark phases and it is my great escape when I’m not feeling at my best or even when I’m the happiest!

For example, you have no idea how long it took for me to write all of this. It’s easy for people to think these publications are written very quickly and easily. That everything just flows. And, ok, that is true at times – most of the time. But there’s also those days, weeks, even months when my  mind just stops… Writers block. One of the worst things to exist! I mean, I’m already pretty messed up up there, why did I have to be “blessed” with such thing as a block?! A block that doesn’t let me express my emotions through words?

Basically, I was going through writers block before writing this, even though I had settled four pretty good ideas for four different articles. I couldn’t write down more than a phrase for each one… that was, untl I decided to just sit with my computer on my lap, plug in my earphones and play one of my favorite bands’ songs to help me with this process.

So, thank you Twenty One Pilots for helping me write all of this in an hour when I thought I wouldn’t be able to write anything for a month or so. Wouldn’t be the first time!

TOP have immensely helped me with my anxiety and sad thoughts. I discovered this band in 2015 and it truly was one of the best things that’s happened to me! Whenever I’m feeling more anxious, when something really is pissing me off, when I want to cry, when I want to shout lyrics at the top of my lungs I just play their songs on shuffle.

I wish more people actually understood the meaning behind their songs, even though it might be taken as a good thing that some people don’t understand, since that means they never had to go through any sort of mental illness. Their songs aren’t all directed to this subject but I do interpret most of them as being so. But, like they say in one of their songs (“Message Man”) from their latest album Blurryface, “these lyrics aren’t for everyone only few understand”, it’s for “the few, the proud and the emotional” (Fairly Local).

I hope that those who didn’t understand us music addicts and lovers that well now do… even if that’s just a tiny bit. And if you’re just like me, see – you’re not alone! And if one more person tells you something that upsets you or makes you feel like you’ve shrinked in size due to your love and dedication (healthy dedication!) just try to educate them. Explain why you love music so much and why it has a big meaning to you. Expand their horizons! Now go blast some music and be happy.

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