sushmita ghosal

this is a submission by Sushmita Ghosal


history is written on concealed folds
of blood stained cloths covering
tiny hands realizing what words like
revolution, resistance, rebellion mean.
history is purple scars on skin from
trying to keep in fire refusing to settle in,
it’s whispers passed on from scared,
but certain words of mothers to
new born ears still learning to breathe free.
history is written on concrete walls
that have stood through secrets being
spilled out like wine on satin and
blood drying up on stamped papers.
history travels through rough, unworthy
hands to finally reach the ones patient
enough to understand it in all it’s uncertainty.
Susmita Ghoshal is an 18 year old from India. She’s a lover of poetry, history, biology and cats. You can find her on instagram @idksush and more of her work @iknowsush.

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