Creative Writing/Poetry

The mind of an individuals is a confusing yet fascinating place.  Our writers here at TNG Magazine are able to share a piece of their minds, thoughts, and emotions with you through their carefully crafted, and beautifully strung together poetry and creative writing stories/pieces. We hope that you take something great away from the personal experiences our writers share with you.  Interested in contributing some of your own emotions/feelings to this section?  Write for us! Check out the ” Join The Team” tab!


The Arts/Media section, is primarily focused on any types of media ( music, movies etc.) alongside arts which can be showcased or reviewed by our writers here at TNG Magazine!  With extremely talented artists and contributors, this category will be filled with tons and tons of reviews, art pieces, etc.  We are constantly looking for more aspiring contributors and artists to join our team!  If interested check out the ” Join The Team Tab!”