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Love isn’t what it is to be perceived

It isn’t flowers or cute dates

It isn’t adorable pictures taken with your mate

It’s a bond that can’t be shattered

Its a world where its just you two and nobody else matters.

Its facing your fears and pushing through tears.

Love isn’t controllable.

Love isn’t fake.

Love isn’t something you can just take.

It’s a feeling

A force

It’s everything nothing less ,but it could be more.


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His mind worked in different ways.

Our conversations always left me with nothing to say.

All the images in my head were of him.

He was the thoughts that kept me up at 2am.

Afraid because my emotions were overflowing over the brim.

Thoughts of being apart always seemed too grim.

Who sent this young god to shake up my life

Never considered marriage but I would surely love to be his wife.

Always assuming real love doesn’t exist

But the feelings I hold for him always made me ask what if.


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I’m not good with instruments so here lies the chords I cannot play.

I’m sort of a scatter brain so here lies the thoughts that have gone astray.

Being quite shy and fearing rejection here lies the feelings that were tucked away.

Most of all lacking in social skills here are the words I cannot say.

I like you, like how helga liked arnold minus the obsession.

Adding to my fear I held my feelings in a deep opression.

I didnt like the feelings because they left me with no sense but holding them just made them bloom with efflorescence

Your voice sends shivers, But I hold no fear.

With a soul so cultured its makes me ask where have you been this past year.

Lost and found

When I am with you its like I found something that I didnt even know I lost.

You’re the feeling I didnt even know I had.

You’re like the song that I forgot I wrote.

You’re the missing piece to a puzzle I dont remember starting.

I wasn’t looking for you I didnt expect you to come,

I was going through life living in a carefree way.

Then you came giving me everything I thought I already had.

Your remind me of the love that I dreamt of,

A love I forgot I wanted.

You’re the feeling I lost when my solitude became my only solace.

You found me when I didnt know I needed you most.