Michael Jackson: The King of Pop’s Trial Resurfaces

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Michael Jackson(Deceased since June 25, 2009) was known as the King of Pop, coming out with dozens of hits that are known in every household. Countless people grew up listening to his songs and looking up to him as their [musical] role model. By the end of the 90’s he was at the top of his career and known by everyone.

Comes along 2005 and everything changes, Michael Jackson suddenly became a much bigger name, and for all the wrong reasons. 2005 was the year of a big trial for Jackson. In 1993 Jackson was first accused of child molestation and the odds of him seeming innocent got worse and worse. More cases of child molestation came along as well as accusations of Jackson supposedly owning child pornography. Jackson was accused of molesting his nephews as well as strangers, who were apparently Jackson’s fans, and owning pictures and videos of naked children, mostly young boys, some people even believed that he may have been the one to take the pictures. There were conspiracies that Jackson even owned a secret ‘sex closet’ filled with objects for sexual pleasure along with pictures of nude boys, apparently dressed up in ways that would match certain fetishes. When this news came out people were astounded, some immediately believed what they were told, stopping their support of the iconic pop singer, while others jumped to his defense-refusing to believe what they had been told. Though none of that mattered when in June of 2005 Jackson was given the verdict of not-guilty. Jackson’s trial was covered minute by minute by the media and was seemingly similar to O.J. Simpson’s trial in that sense.

Yet, Jackson’s trial was not in vain, as the first molestation accuser is now being sought out by lawyers, more than ten years after his trial and eight years since his death. There is a $100 million sexual-abuse lawsuit being filed against Jackson’s former company. Lawyers working on the case are on a manhunt for Jackson’s first molestation accuser, hoping to convince the then-child, to testify. Investigators were hired to search European countries to find Jordan Chandler. Chandler received a $20 million settlement following when his father claimed he had been molested by Jackson. The lawyers who are working for the $100 million settlement, names Jimmy Safechuck and Wade Robson, have now also stated that they were sexually abused by former pop star, Michael Jackson. Some people have stated that they believe Chandler left the States to avoid the lawyers, and others are claiming that Robson and Safechuck are leading the settlement because they believe if they can talk to Chandler they can make him understand how important it is to tell his story. Though it may just be one person coming forward to tell their story, it could inspire another to tell theirs and so on.

If you or someone you know has suffered from sexual abuse, know that you are not alone. You can talk to loved ones, the authorities, or the National Sexual Assault Hotline, that’s available all day everyday.

National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673

(The National Sexual Assault Hotline is completely confidential and free)

Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets, Istanbul Pride March 2017

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The largest gay pride march in a predominantly Muslim world since 2003.  Tens of thousands of individuals showing up to embrace and celebrate.  Happiness, and acceptance, a place to be free.  Istanbul’s gay and transgender pride parade has been banned twice before in past years.  This year, however, the ban could not stop activists of the LGBTQ community from taking part

Activists of the LGBTQ community gathered in Istanbul Sunday morning as an act of defiance, resistance but more importantly unification.  Large numbers of individuals showed up to defy this ban and walk together waving their flags, and banners, spreading their positive energy and passion with their colleagues and those watching.


Riot officers moving to detain activists defying the ban on the Pride march.  Photo By: Emrah Gurel


Amongst those watching, were a great number of Turkish riot officers who would later deploy tear gas, fire rubber bullets, and arrest dozens of activists.

The riot officers used rubber bullets alongside tear gas to break up the crowd of marchers as they chanted and danced throughout the streets.  Entrances to the parade route were closed off, and police proceeded to arrest dozens of individuals taking part in the march and some individuals reporting for media.


Riot officers blocking a parade entry. Specifically Istiklal Avenue a gathering spot for the activists.  Photo By: Bulent Kilic – Getty Images

These acts against the community were not and should not be tolerated and have sparked movements within many different communities around the world.  Certain organizers of the pride march in Istanbul released this statement in response to the ban, ” We are the ones who declared the revolution of love and gender identity. We are the ones who are excluded, ignored and yet resilient. […] Governors, governments, states change, we stay. These threats, bans, pressures will not stop us! ”


( You can find the article in which this statement was released here )

together we are stronger